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Music Skeleton is leading the industry in providing top-quality music for you and your projects, no matter the flavor - be it AV, commercial, film, broadcasting, gaming, or internet works! With a vast and ever-expanding catalog of compositions and recordings from composers, producers, and artists made exclusively available to the Music Skeleton Library, you'll no longer need to approach the thrones of industry power such as the music supervisors, directors, and editors, for the ability to use their material - Music Skeleton is the intermediary between the artists and composers, and the companies that license their music for use. Why sweat the details when we can take care of that for you?

Here at Music Skeleton, you can purchase music licenses on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis with the minimum of fuss and the greatest of ease!

Why spend exorbitant sums of cash on a piece of music that you'll only need 17 seconds of? Here at Music Skeleton, we sell non-exclusive music by the second! With our unique Music Calculator, you simply set an in- and out- point and then kick back and relax while we crunch the numbers and give you the total price for that one specific piece you need!

Tired of checking out royalty-free music until you find that one masterpiece you needed, only to find that the artist suddenly slaps you with hidden charges and fees associated with it? We feel your pain, which is why our royalty-free part of the database really is free, with no PRO's registered to the track!

Music Skeleton is efficient and user-friendly, every second!

Like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Music Skeleton Library is built by professionals. Every track in our library has been carefully tagged by our production team to ensure that you get the exact music that matches your criteria - with our focus on the quality of sound and the character of the music, our online database will skip the music that you don't need. No more searching through rocks to find that nugget of gold, our search function will find it for you and push the music you specify to the front of the queue, with a broader, varied selection following right behind it.

Are you a composer or producer? We've always got our ears to the ground, forever on the hunt for new talent! Feel like joining the Music Skeleton crew and contributing your own music to the extensive Music Skeleton Library? Shoot us an email at composers@musicskeleton.com, and we'll drop you a line!

Music Skeleton is an online music platform that stands for the best of quality music and innovative customer focus. Whatever your project, you'll be using our music faster than you can eat your Grandma's mashed potatos!

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